New Car Dealers

There are many adavantages to buying a new car, such as getting the benefit of the latest advances in technology for safety, security and environmental performance, and many years of trouble-free driving.

If you're looking for new cars in your area, the best place to go is to a franchise or independent car dealer, which is regulated by the Consumer Protection Act. Here we outline the differences between franchise and independent car dealers for new cars:

Franchise Car Dealers

Franchise car dealers represent a car manufacturer, which helps to ensure a high standard of service and good deals on new cars for customers.

In short, franchise car dealers are a one-stop shop for buying a brand new car, as they offer part-exchange facilities, parts and service support, finance schemes, accessory sales, specialist knowledge and a manufacturer's customer services department.

There are many advantages to buying from franchised new car dealers, such as nationwide coverage that allows the exact car you want to be brought in from a partner dealer anywhere in the country; specialist knowledge about the type of car you are buying; and strong post-sales support.

If you buy a new car from an approved car dealer, you should expect to pay higher prices and receive less flexibility than independent dealers.

Independent Dealers

Independent car dealers tend to offer a wider choice of new cars, because they are not tied to one manufacturer and therefore sell a wider range of new car models.

You may also find that new car prices are lower at independent car dealers compared to franchise car dealers. However, independent car dealers tend to be less open to special deals, while some of their cars may be European imports, which may have an inferior specification compared to an official UK car.

In addition to all this, their after-sales support tends to be less comprehensive than that offered by franchise car dealers, although you can still get a manufacturer's warranty and expert advice.

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