Used Car Buying Tips

When it comes to buying a used car there are a number of points you should consider to ensure you get a good price and a good standard of second hand car. Here are our top tips for buying a used car:

  1. Before you go shopping for a used car, make sure you do your homework. Decide what kind of used car you want - a used hatchback, a used estate, a used four-wheel drive, etc, and consider what extras you would like the used car to have, such as power steering, electric windows, etc.
  2. Decide on a realistic budget before you even start looking for a used car, so you know exactly what you can afford and don't be tempted to go over this limit, no matter how much the car dealers try to persuade you.
  3. When you find a second hand car that you like make sure you check it out thoroughly using an inspection checklist, which you can find in magazines, books and on the Internet. Things you should be looking for when checking a used car over include a full service history, MOT certificate, decent tyres, and reliable brakes and clutch, etc. It may also be advisable to ask a mechanic to take a look at the vehicle.
  4. Take the car of your choice for a test drive, making sure you take it on a decent run including up hills, on a dual carriageway or motorway, and spend some time in stop-start traffic to check the vehicle can cope in different road conditions.
  5. If you don't know much about cars then take someone along with you who does, so you can be sure you ask all the right questions and make the right checks on the used car before you buy it.
  6. Don't just accept the asking price on the car. Try to do a deal with the used car dealer, as he or she may be willing to reduce the price or offer you a few extras that will save you money.

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